Every blog post has three main parts: Topper: Post, Yoast Premium, and modules


  • Navigate to Democracy Wire Blog Posts → Select Add New
  • Enter the title of your blog post

Topper: Page

  • Featured Image / Video?: Select None, Video, or Image
  • Excerpt Headline (optional): tag line text
  • Excerpt:  Add a brief sentence that accompanies the title.
  • Do not use the following fields:
    • Override Twitter Share (optional)
    • Subtitle (optional/legacy)
    • Legacy Thumbnail (optional/legacy)


  • Select Add Module → Add full-width text
    • Copy and paste your blog post 

Pro Tip: Copy and paste into TEXT tab on the full-width module, you can flip back to visual and format the content)

Examples of Blog Posts

Ranked-Choice Voting: How does it work?
From Prison to Gerrymandering: My Journey is the Only Straight Line
Gerrymander Gazette