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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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To ensure democracy works for everyone, voting and elections must be free, fair, and accessible.

That’s why Common Cause works on every step of the elections process: working to pass laws that ensure voters’ access to the ballot box, helping voters who are having trouble casting their ballots, and working with election administrators to ensure our voting systems and machines are safe, reliable, and secure.

As Americans, our right to vote is a privilege and a responsibility. We need to take that responsibility seriously, ensure that our elections are free and fair, and safeguard our voting system – while also working to make voting more accessible so every eligible citizen can make their voice heard. 

Voting & Elections Campaigns...

John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act

For six decades, Rep. John Lewis fought tirelessly to expand and protect the rights of Black voters and other voters of color. And the Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965 was one of the crown jewels of his lifelong struggle.

Voting Safe in the 2020 Election


Election Integrity

We're working to ensure our elections are secure and that every vote is counted as cast.

National Popular Vote

We are working to ensure everyone's vote truly counts in presidential elections.

Election Protection

Our votes are our voice in determining the future of our communities and country. We mobilize volunteers to assist voters navigate the voting process.

Voting Rights

The freedom to vote and have our voices heard is fundamental to our democracy. It's the most basic - and essential - building block of our government.

Voter Registration Modernization

Together, we are making commonsense updates to our elections so more eligible Americans can register, vote, and have their voices heard.

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Write Your Lawmakers

Tell your senators to help pass the Freedom to Vote Act -- which will transform our democracy for the better to ensure it works for all of us.

End Gerrymandering Now

Voters should choose politicians, not the other way around! Together we can return the power to draw districts to We The People. Sign the pledge and learn how you can help.

Fix the Filibuster

If we want the Senate to better represent us — and actually act in the interest of the American people, not just the powerful few — we must immediately eliminate the filibuster.

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