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Voting & Elections 07.13.2023

MEDIA BRIEFING: August Special Election is Ohio’s Next Democracy Battle (w/Video Links and Quotes)

COLUMBUS, OH — Democracy experts from Common Cause Ohio and All Voting is Local Action — Ohio held a meeting on Wednesday on the statewide effort to defeat Issue 1. 

Money & Influence 06.29.2023

20-Year Sentencing of Householder Provides Real Consequences RE: Pay-to-Play in Ohio

"This sentencing has significant implications, both in the Buckeye State and across the country. By holding Householder accountable, it sends a message to fellow legislators and other public officials that, not only is pay-to-play wrong and illegal, there can be real consequences."

Voting & Elections 05.10.2023

Ohio House Passes SJR2, Targets Citizen-led Ballot Initiatives

COLUMBUS, OH — In a 62-37 vote, the Ohio House passed SJR2 — a resolution that seeks to increase the ballot threshold for amending the constitution from a simple majority to 60% — directly attacking Ohio’s tradition of direct access to the ballot through citizen-led initiatives. The resolution was amended to add in an August special election, resulting in the vote on the issue occurring Aug. 8.

Voting & Elections 04.19.2023

227 Ohio-based Organizations Denied Opportunity to Voice Opposition of Minority Rule Bill

COLUMBUS, OH — In a narrow 7-6 vote, the Ohio House Constitutional Resolutions Committee passed a resolution allowing HJR 1 — a bill that seeks to increase the ballot threshold for amending the constitution from a simple majority to 60% — to a floor vote.

Common Cause Ohio Statement in Reaction to Corruption Trial Verdict

"Ohioans can rest easy tonight knowing that, at long last, someone will be held accountable for the massive public corruption that was the whole House Bill 6 scandal from beginning to end."

New Project Launches Ahead of Groundhog Day to Educate Ohioans on “Ohio’s History of Corruption”

COLUMBUS, OH — Today, Common Cause Ohio shares a snapshot of Ohio’s history of corruption as part of its ongoing campaign to educate Ohioans on the Householder/House Bill 6 racketeering trial and the reforms needed for greater transparency in government.

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