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Take the Pledge to End Gerrymandering

Now that the United States Supreme Court has taken itself out of the fight against gerrymandering, the spotlight returns to the states. Ohio has already passed redistricting reform, but we still need to put pressure on lawmakers to draw #FairMaps! Tell your legislators to Take the Pledge to End Gerrymandering!


Sec. LaRose Forms Working Group to Modernize Voter Registration in Ohio

Secretary of State Frank LaRose has announced the formation of a bipartisan working group to examine ways to modernize voter registration--a first step towards implementing an Ohio version of automatic (or automated) voter registration (AVR). Automated Voter Registration saves time, it saves money, it increases the accuracy and security of voter lists, and--most important of all--it is a highly effective way to bring more people into our democracy.


Redistricting Court Cases and a Road Trip to DC!

There’s a lot going on nationally and in Ohio with democracy reforms, and redistricting specifically. Here’s a quick update, and an invitation.


2019 Goals and Priorities

Here are our top three priorities to start out 2019! We will build from these throughout the year.

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