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Ohio One Step Closer to a Citizens Redistricting Commission

COLUMBUS, OH — Today, Common Cause Ohio is pleased to note Attorney General Yost’s acceptance of the summary language for the Citizens Not Politicians proposed constitutional amendment to create a citizen-led, independent redistricting commission (IRC) in Ohio.

Voting & Elections 08.8.2023

‘Majority Rule Intact’ — Ohio Voting Rights Advocates Celebrate Defeat of Issue 1

COLUMBUS, OH — Tonight, Common Cause Ohio celebrates the defeat of Issue 1, an outrageous attack on our democracy and citizens’ rights from the state legislature.

Voting & Elections 08.1.2023

MEDIA BRIEFING: Ohio Issue 1 Election is Just Days Ahead (w/Video Links and Quotes)

COLUMBUS, OH — Democracy experts from Common Cause Ohio held a briefing today on the statewide effort to defeat Issue 1 and the lead-up to the Aug. 8 election. 

Voting & Elections 07.13.2023

MEDIA BRIEFING: August Special Election is Ohio’s Next Democracy Battle (w/Video Links and Quotes)

COLUMBUS, OH — Democracy experts from Common Cause Ohio and All Voting is Local Action — Ohio held a meeting on Wednesday on the statewide effort to defeat Issue 1. 

Money & Influence 06.29.2023

20-Year Sentencing of Householder Provides Real Consequences RE: Pay-to-Play in Ohio

"This sentencing has significant implications, both in the Buckeye State and across the country. By holding Householder accountable, it sends a message to fellow legislators and other public officials that, not only is pay-to-play wrong and illegal, there can be real consequences."

Voting & Elections 05.10.2023

Ohio House Passes SJR2, Targets Citizen-led Ballot Initiatives

COLUMBUS, OH — In a 62-37 vote, the Ohio House passed SJR2 — a resolution that seeks to increase the ballot threshold for amending the constitution from a simple majority to 60% — directly attacking Ohio’s tradition of direct access to the ballot through citizen-led initiatives. The resolution was amended to add in an August special election, resulting in the vote on the issue occurring Aug. 8.

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