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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Voting & Elections 08.21.2014

Split over Ballot on Voting Lines

The divide between New York's good-government groups over a proposed change to the redistricting system came into stark focus on Tuesday: One announced a lawsuit opposing the language of the ballot measure that will be put before voters this fall; the other held a teleconference to build support for its approval.

Voting & Elections 08.6.2014

Syracuse Newspaper Slams Use of “Independent” in New York Ballot Measure Description

A Syracuse Post-Standard editorial criticized New York state’s Board of Elections for using “independent” in the official ballot language describing a proposed commission to redraw legislative lines after each census.

Voting & Elections 08.4.2014

Cap Times Urges Wisconsin Candidates to Take a Stand for Redistricting Reform

The Cap Times of Wisconsin published an editorial urging state legislature candidates to take Common Cause Wisconsin’s pledge to support unbiased redistricting. Common Cause Wisconsin is publishing a list of candidates who voice their support for a redistricting proposal that would take the partisan politics out of the process for drawing legislative boundaries.

Voting & Elections 08.4.2014

Common Cause New York Slams Misleading Redistricting Ballot Description

The New York State Board of Elections approved language on August 1 that describes a November ballot measure as creating an “independent” commission on legislative redistricting. Common Cause New York criticized the language as confusing and misleading because the leadership and appointees of the legislature would make appointments to the proposed commission that will then draw the legislators’ districts.

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