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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Money & Influence 09.20.2018

Common Cause Urges FEC to Release Report to Congress on Efforts to Keep Foreign Money Out of U.S. Elections

Today, Common Cause urged that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to release a report that was requested by Congress regarding the Commission’s role in enforcing prohibitions on foreign campaign contributions and expenditures. The report was due to the House and Senate Appropriations Committees yesterday in accordance with explanatory statements accompanying the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018.

New Scorecard Charts Pro-Democracy Positions for Members of the 115th Congress

With Election Day now less than two months away, Common Cause released its 2018 Democracy Scorecard to chart the positions of every Member of Congress on issues vital to the health of our democracy. The reforms in question range from legislation to create a small donor matching fund system and increased disclosure requirements for outside political groups to bills to curb gerrymandering and strengthen the protections in the Voting Rights Act.

Money & Influence 08.25.2018

John McCain Leaves a Lasting Legacy

Common Cause joins the nation in wishing peace and comfort to the family, friends, and colleagues of Senator John McCain. 

Michael Cohen Guilty Plea Follows Common Cause Complaints

The Department of Justice is sending a strong message that it will enforce the nation’s campaign finance laws. The blatant violations of the law that Common Cause outlined in our complaints to the Department of Justice concerning hush money payments to Stormy Daniels are among those that Cohen pleaded guilty to today. Cohen’s guilty plea directly implicates President Trump in related campaign finance violations detailed in Common Cause complaints.

Memo: Trump Tower Meeting Was Not "Totally Legal"

Paul S. Ryan, Common Cause's Vice President of Policy and Litigation, drafted a short memo explaining the legal jeopardy President Trump's recent tweet about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting puts himself and his campaign in.

Money & Influence 07.25.2018

Cohen Tape Backs Up Common Cause Complaint, DOJ Investigation of Trump Campaign Finance Violations

The new recording of Donald Trump and his attorney Michael Cohen reveals much more about who knew what when and adds evidence to back up earlier complaints filed by Common Cause urging the DOJ and the FEC to investigate the apparent campaign finance violations. In the tape, Trump and Cohen clearly discuss the payment in the context of the election and its potential impact. The recording reaffirms what we alleged in our complaints and confirms that Donald Trump knew about the Karen McDougal hush money payments before the election despite his repeated denials and those of his spokespeople and attorneys. Denials and tweets in all caps do not make campaign finance violations go away. We look forward to seeing what other tapes seized from Michael Cohen by the Justice Department reveal about a string of hush money payments leading up to the election and how they relate to campaign finance violations.

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