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Salon: Bill Barr's amazing spin machine: Trump's AG is barely even pretending

"Despite the ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ spin from the Attorney General, we cannot overlook the fact that the investigation has already led to 199 criminal charges, 37 indictments or guilty pleas, and 5 prison sentences," Karen Hobert Flynn, the president of Common Cause, noted in a press release after Barr's press conference.

Media & Democracy 04.17.2019

Common Dreams: Michael Copps Thinks Trump Is Trying to Put FCC Out of Business

Former commissioner says there's no democracy without honest news and an open Internet.

Money & Influence 04.17.2019

Bloomberg: Lobbying Over Car-Sharing Is Exhausting State Lawmakers

This spring, Enterprise supported a late amendment to Ohio’s transportation budget, leading to a similar scramble in that state. Side-door tactics like these are common but “less than savory,” said Aaron Scherb, legislative director of Common Cause, a nonprofit advocacy group focused on government accountability and transparency. Such moves are usually used to push legislation expected to be unpopular. As in Illinois, the car-sharing companies declared victory.

USA Today (Op-Ed): Voters finally found a way to get things done and now politicians are thwarting them

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch suggested recently that the Supreme Court did not need to wade into the issue of partisan gerrymandering because so many states have passed reforms through the citizen initiative process that puts issues directly to voters. What Gorsuch left out is that only 24 states have a such a process. And in many of those states, legislatures are not only trying to make it harder to get issues on the ballot, they’re taking it upon themselves to reject what voters have approved — often by overwhelming majorities.

Money & Influence 04.15.2019

Marketplace (AUDIO): Presidential candidates, and would-bes, size up their war chests

"At this point it's kind of comparing apples to oranges." Aaron Scherb of the public interest group Common Cause says Trump pretty much has the Republican field to himself. "He might face one or two primary challengers but for the most part he has the full Republican Party fundraising apparatus behind him."

Media & Democracy 04.15.2019

Broadcasting & Cable: Prometheus Et al. Fire Back at FCC Over Ownership Dereg

“The Third Circuit has told the FCC on multiple occasions to examine how its media ownership rules impact race and gender ownership diversity," said Michael Copps, former FCC chairman and special advisor to Common Cause (one of the petitioners). "The FCC has not only failed to assess the impact of its rules on minority ownership but has also abandoned its rules all together. We urge the Court to reverse this unlawful decision and require the FCC to fulfill its statutory mandate to promote race and gender diversity in media ownership.” 

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