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Chicago Tribune: Census preview in Waukegan warns residents that 'you don’t exist' when failing to participate

“The tragedy of it all is that the communities that are the hardest to count are the ones that are yearning to be seen by their government,” said Georgia Logothetis, assistant director of the nonprofit group Common Cause Illinois, which works on democracy, voting rights and gerrymandering issues. "We’re talking children, people living below the poverty line, minorities and immigrants,” Logothetis added. “For every 1% of people that were not counted in the last census, Illinois lost $122 million in health and human services funding.” Illinois could also have less representation and political power, as the state stands to lose one or two congressional seats if under-counted in next year’s census. “This is a true chance for every single person to be counted,” Logothetis said. “In the eyes of the government, if you don’t respond to the census, you don’t exist.”

Voting & Elections 04.24.2019

Miami Herald: Florida Legislature gets closer to putting a disastrous 2018 recount in the past

“They’re not looking to the future and what’s moving around elections and the rest of the states,” said Liza McClenaghan, state chairwoman of Common Cause Florida. “They’re only interested in trying to fix the things from 2018.” That said, McClenaghan is generally supportive of the legislation pushed by Ingoglia and Baxley given the potential significance of every “glitch” in Florida’s election laws.

Voting & Elections 04.23.2019

ABC News: Supreme Court to decide fate of citizenship question on 2020 census

"The citizenship question is a bald-faced attempt to racially rig the census, undercount communities of color and undermine fair representation which our democracy relies upon," said Karen Hobert Flynn, president of Common Cause, a nonpartisan public interest group.

Voting & Elections 04.22.2019

Associated Press: Florida bill aims to cure balloting woes, streamline counts

Liza McClenaghan of government watchdog group Common Cause Florida said lawmakers should mandate what are called risk-limiting audits prior to the certification of election results. “This gives more confidence to the election process as observed by the voters,” McClenaghan said.

Slate: All the Mistakes Mueller Made in Declining to Prosecute Donald Trump Jr.

Mueller made some other questionable choices. While Trump Jr. could have been charged with illegally coordinating with the Russians to make an illegal foreign expenditure, Mueller describes the law defining coordination as too uncertain. In fact, as Common Cause’s Paul S. Ryan explains in this thread, there is both a federal statute and case law defining the term, and Trump Jr.’s conduct seems to fall within it.

Broadcasting & Cable: Common Cause Calls for Televised Mueller Report Hearings

"Congress must move quickly to convene televised public hearings so Americans can hear directly from Special Counsel Robert Mueller," said Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn. "Congress and the American people must learn about the truth about Russia's attacks on the 2016 presidential race."

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