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Voting & Elections 09.8.2020

Washington Post: In Georgia’s chaotic primary, as many as 1,000 voters may have cast ballots by mail and in person, secretary of state says

The head of Common Cause Georgia, Aunna Dennis, called it “irresponsible” to speculate about “potential” double voting, possibly deepening voter distrust in elections systems. “We wholeheartedly agree that people who intentionally vote twice should be subject to the usual criminal penalties for election law violations,” Dennis said in a statement. “But we are concerned that voters who were simply trying to vote may get caught up in the dragnet.”

Money & Influence 09.4.2020

Los Angeles Times: Trump and Russia echo each other in presidential race

Federal law bars foreign interference in a U.S. election. Paul S. Ryan, vice president at Common Cause, an advocacy group that seeks stricter enforcement of campaign finance laws, compared Trump’s treatment of the Russians to how a campaign would try to evade rules against coordinating with a super PAC. “The candidate, simply in a public forum, announces what would be helpful in a campaign,” Ryan said. “And then they hear it, and they act on it.” He added, “I think it’s outrageous that a candidate for public office in the United States would even contemplate, let alone act on, encouraging foreign interference in our elections.”

Voting & Elections 09.4.2020

HuffPost: A Fight In Critical States Over Mail-In Ballot Deadlines Could Decide The Presidential Election

“Allowing voters to vote [absentee] on Election Day and having their ballots count is just another way to increase the number of people who can be involved in the process, really, at any time, but particularly in the uncertainty of this year,” said Sylvia Albert, director of voting and elections at the nonpartisan nonprofit Common Cause.

Voting & Elections 09.3.2020

Associated Press: Trump suggests polling place double-check for mail-in voters

Karen Hobart Flynn, president of Common Cause, said: “You cannot test election integrity rules by breaking them, any more than you can rob a bank to make sure your money is safe.”

Voting & Elections 09.3.2020

USA Today: North Carolina elections chief says 'It is illegal to vote twice in an election' after Trump comment on double voting

"President Trump’s repeated requests to his followers to commit felonies are felony crimes themselves because he is inciting the commission of those crimes," said Karen Hobert Flynn, president of the election watchdog organization Common Cause. "You cannot test election integrity rules by breaking them any more than you can rob a bank to make sure your money is safe."

Voting & Elections 09.2.2020

New York Times: How a Smooth Election in Massachusetts Could Be a Cautionary Tale

Acknowledging problems in the Massachusetts election, Pamela Wilmot, the executive director of Common Cause Massachusetts, nevertheless attributed the high primary turnout to the state’s shift toward voting by mail. “Compared to the problems we’ve seen in other states, it really was a relatively smaller percentage of the voters that faced these issues,” she said, adding that Massachusetts had benefited from a decline in coronavirus infection rates. Partly as a result, she said, “we did not experience a poll worker shortage.”

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