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Voting & Elections 08.1.2018

Associated Press: Judge: Michigan Can't Eliminate Straight-Party Voting

Karen Hobert Flynn, the president of Common Cause, which joined in the lawsuit along with some black voters, called it a "big win for Michigan voters. The evidence in this case and Judge Drain's decision makes clear that the Michigan legislature intentionally discriminated against African Americans for partisan political purposes."

Washington Post: The voters approved it. Should lawmakers erase the result? In D.C., a debate about democracy.

“Legislatures have become much more brazen in trying to undo what the constituents put in place,” said Elena Nunez, director of state operations and ballot measure strategies at Common Cause, a nonprofit watchdog group. “It has become a more heightened attack. That’s a troubling trend.”

Center for Public Integrity: How a mock convention is helping fuel a movement to change the Constitution

“Clearly, the purpose of the event was to prepare people to get comfortable with the wholesale rewrite of the Constitution via a constitutional convention,” said Stephen Spaulding, head of strategy and external affairs for progressive nonpartisan watchdog group Common Cause.

USA Today Op-Ed: Trying to impeach Rod Rosenstein is only to undercut Robert Mueller's investigation

The investigation must follow the evidence wherever it leads. The American people are entitled to answers and accountability. With the approaching elections, Americans are closely watching how Congress will respond to this latest effort to subvert the rule of law.

Reuters: Trump says 'too bad' after Cohen audio recording released

“Denials and tweets in all caps do not make campaign finance violations go away,” said Karen Hobert Flynn, president of Common Cause.

TIME: The New Cohen Recording Doesn't Alone Incriminate President Trump, Experts Say

“I just think it again affirms what we filed in our complaint; that it sounds like Donald Trump knew about the hush money payment to McDougal before the election,” said Common Cause Chief of Strategy and External Affairs Stephen Spaulding. “I just think this is more of another log on the fire that these are campaign finance violations and that the thread continues to unravel.”

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