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New York Times: Cohen Implicates President Trump. What Do Prosecutors Do Now?

“We’re talking potential years of jail time if he’s not the sitting president but was instead a civilian candidate,” said Paul S. Ryan, the vice president of policy and litigation at Common Cause, which filed campaign finance complaints based on the payments made to the women connected to Mr. Trump.

Money & Influence 08.2.2018

Sinclair Broadcasting: Koch network brushes off Trump's latest Twitter attack as GOP rift grows

“Democracy is not supposed to be the sport of kings and billionaires,” said Stephen Spaulding, chief of strategy and external affairs for Common Cause. “Notwithstanding the Koch-Trump feud, the Koch network continues to exert enormous influence over public policy and the Republican Party at the federal and state levels.”

Voting & Elections 08.1.2018

Reuters: Federal judge blocks Michigan ban on 'straight-ticket' voting

“Judge Drain’s decision makes clear that the Michigan legislature intentionally discriminated against African Americans for partisan political purposes,” said Common Cause president, Karen Hobert Flynn.

Voting & Elections 08.1.2018

Detroit Free Press: Michigan Supreme Court says let voters decide gerrymandering proposal

Kathay Feng, national redistricting director for Common Cause, which supports the ballot proposal, said, “This all-volunteer effort started so citizens could end a corrupt system in which self-interested politicians manipulate districts for political advantage behind closed doors. Now Michigan voters will have the opportunity to make their voices heard.”

Voting & Elections 08.1.2018

Associated Press: Judge: Michigan Can't Eliminate Straight-Party Voting

Karen Hobert Flynn, the president of Common Cause, which joined in the lawsuit along with some black voters, called it a "big win for Michigan voters. The evidence in this case and Judge Drain's decision makes clear that the Michigan legislature intentionally discriminated against African Americans for partisan political purposes."

Washington Post: The voters approved it. Should lawmakers erase the result? In D.C., a debate about democracy.

“Legislatures have become much more brazen in trying to undo what the constituents put in place,” said Elena Nunez, director of state operations and ballot measure strategies at Common Cause, a nonprofit watchdog group. “It has become a more heightened attack. That’s a troubling trend.”

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