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Money & Influence 09.10.2018

CNN: Rep. Mia Love's campaign admits to improperly raising primary election funds

"They are probably betting that there's no way there are four votes on the FEC to come after them for this, that's part of what's in the background here," said Paul S. Ryan, vice president for policy and litigation with government watchdog Common Cause. "So I think they're really pushing the boundaries of the law in order to game the contribution limits predicting that they will get away with it, and it's like we have correct protection, but just because you can get away with something doesn't make it right."

Los Angeles Times: Trump waives millions in claims against Stormy Daniels in new fallout from illegal payoff

“All the information, as it’s trickled out, has only further confirmed our suspicion that the Trump Organization violated campaign finance laws, and maybe other laws too,” said Paul S. Ryan, vice president of policy and litigation at Common Cause.

Manafort and Cohen get off easy for financial crimes. Minorities get prison for voting

Manafort and Cohen get off easy for real crimes while minorities get prison for voting. Our criminal justice system undermines democracy and must change.

Voting & Elections 09.6.2018

USA Today Op-Ed: Manafort and Cohen get off easy for financial crimes. Minorities get prison for voting.

The Manafort and Cohen cases are also a disturbing reminder of how differently Americans are treated by our criminal justice system depending on their skin color, wealth and status. Earlier this year, a black woman in Texas was sentenced to five years in prison for unwittingly breaking state law by voting while still under community supervision for a previous fraud charge.

Washington Post: The biggest threat to democracy that nobody is talking about

“It’s actually one of the biggest threats to our democracy that most people have never heard about,” said Karen Hobert Flynn, president of Common Cause.

McClatchy: Too late to redraw NC’s congressional districts for 2018 election, plaintiffs agree

“Unfortunately, the General Assembly’s decision to draw a biased and gerrymandered map in 2016 allowed them to run out the clock and force North Carolinians to vote in unconstitutional districts one more time,” Bob Phillips, executive director of Common Cause North Carolina said in a statement. “Although justice will be delayed one more election cycle, we will keep up the fight for fair representation here in North Carolina and across the country when this case heads to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

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