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Rolling Stone: The Dirty Tricks the GOP Is Using to Keep Abortion Off the Ballot in 2024

The landscape, meanwhile, is dramatically different in Democrat-controlled states. In Maryland, advocates have experienced virtually no resistance whatsoever, and say they are aware of no organized opposition. “We’re expecting a disinformation campaign,” says Joanne Antoine, executive director of Common Cause Maryland. “But outside of that we’re not hearing anything at all.”

CNN: Florida appeals court upholds congressional map championed by DeSantis

“This decision blatantly ignores the will of Florida voters who — more than a decade ago — demanded Fair Districts that protect representation for communities of color,” Amy Keith, the executive director of Common Cause Florida, said in a statement, referring to the state’s Fair Districts Amendment. Keith noted in her statement that the Florida congressional boundaries are also being challenged in federal court in a separate pending case that argues that the map violates the US Constitution. “Our work is not done until all voters can exercise their right to fair representation,” she said.

Voting & Elections 12.1.2023

Texas Tribune/VoteBeat: Tax cuts, teacher pension increases at stake after misinformation-led challenge to 2023 election

“I think this is a perfect example of the real impact in peoples’ lives when we delay the certification of our vote because of misinformation,” said Katya Ehresman, voting rights program manager at Common Cause Texas.

Los Angeles Times: L.A. will switch to independent redistricting if voters approve in 2024 election

“The city of Los Angeles is building on the best practices from around the state and the country and really, I think, setting a gold standard for everybody to be looking for,” said Kathay Feng, national redistricting director for the nonpartisan government accountability watchdog group Common Cause. Feng previously helped lead the effort to institute independent redistricting on the state level.

Voting & Elections 11.30.2023

Newsday: Suit aims to block touch screen voting machine

Led by Common Cause New York, the group contends the state Board of Elections erred in August when it certified for use the ExpressVote XL, a touch screen machine. The machine allows voters to mark a ballot electronically instead of on paper and ... displays selections on a summary card. Advocates said that's not enough to verify ballots independently, as required by state law. In their lawsuit, the advocates said: "As a voter cannot read a bar code, the voter's ballot is not certifiable. No voter can verify that the bar code accurately reflects the voter's selections shown on the summary card." The advocates want a court to reverse the certification, ... which would mean county boards of election couldn't purchase the ExpressVote XL. In New York, each county purchases its own voting machines, selecting from choices certified by the state.

Associated Press: Georgia Republicans move to cut losses as they propose majority-Black districts in special session

“This proposal does not do what it needs to do and it does not create additional representation for Black voters,” Aunna Dennis of Common Cause Georgia told the Senate committee.

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