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Latest elections update 6/30/2020

New York held its June primary successfully! While it wasn’t flawless, we hope to improve on New Yorkers expanded voting options for November. Stay tuned for more info!

During the June 2020 primary election, Common Cause NY mobilized over 45 nonpartisan roving poll monitors and 29 digital volunteers to help troubleshoot voting problems across the state. Over the course of three days, we successfully connected over 300 voters with appropriate resources and visited over 100 polling stations throughout the state. Now we are rallying members across the state to join our November Election Protection campaign.

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We remain laser focused on ensuring our democracy continues to function and that our 2020 elections can be held safely and securely. We’ve released a comprehensive plan in our latest white paper, New York’s Democracy Doesn’t Pause: How Our Elections Can Proceed During a Pandemic, that outlines how we can adapt and hold our elections safely without disenfranchising New York voters. Our advocacy has been successful, here’s what we’ve won for New Yorkers so far:

  • Consolidating 2020 primaries to June 23rd
  • Expansion of absentee voting for the June 23rd primary election
  • Streamlining the process to vote absentee for the June 23rd primary election including prepaid return postage for the absentee ballot application and absentee ballots.

Next up, the Governor and State Legislature must act to codify the expansion and simplification of absentee voting. Senator Biaggi recently introduced a bill that adds a public health emergency as a reason to vote absentee. Senator Myrie also introduced a bill that streamlines the process for requesting an absentee ballot. The current Executive Order, which addresses both these issues, only applies to the June 23rd election.

We’re also demanding the Executive branch and state legislature remain open & accountable to all New Yorkers by adopting the use of technology that will allow for transparency and citizen oversight. Read more here.

stay tuned for next steps!

We are hosting a series of virtual town halls to keep you updated on our work and answer your questions.

  • Next townhall tba.

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