Common Cause New York will continue to update this page with resources and more information as New York’s response to this crisis evolves.

On March 28th, Governor Cuomo announced that the April 28th Presidential Primary, and all local elections to be held on that date, will be moved to June 23rd to coincide with the congressional and state primaries. This is a huge win for New York voters.

Next up: Consolidating the 2020 primaries was the first step, now the Governor and State Legislature must act to:

  • Make it easier to submit an Absentee Ballot Application: Currently, New Yorkers have limited options to submit their Absentee Ballot Application. Voters can mail their application or drop it off at their local board of elections. New York must immediately allow voters to return their application by email or fax.
  • Expand the reasons to vote absentee: Senator Biaggi recently introduced a bill that would add this public health emergency as a reason to vote absentee.

This section was updated on 3/30/2020.

We remain laser focused on ensuring our democracy continues to function and that our 2020 elections can be held safely and securely.

We’ve released a comprehensive plan in our latest white paper, New York’s Democracy Doesn’t Pause: How Our Elections Can Proceed During a Pandemic, that outlines how we can adapt and hold our elections safely without disenfranchising New York voters.

We’re also demanding the Executive branch and state government remain open & accountable to all New Yorkers by adopting the use of technology that will allow for transparency and citizen oversight. Read more here.

WEEK OF MARCH 30th 2020
Our ask: Call your state legislator today and demand that your state legislators stay in session, working remotely, and be a co-equal branch of government, representing us the people. The government can’t stop working for the people in a time of crisis and it is not sustainable to govern by executive order though 2020. We need a fully active legislative body, working remotely, doing the people’s work.

Call the Albany switchboard TODAY:

  • CALL 1. Albany Assembly Switchboard 518-455-4218
  • CALL 2. Albany Senate Switchboard 518-455-2800
    *Find out who your reps are here.

SCRIPT: Hi, thank you for working during this time, I hope you’re safe and healthy. I want to tell [my rep] that we need a fully active legislative body, working remotely, doing the people’s work. Please commit to staying in session after the budget is finalized this week. Thank you.

We are hosting a series of virtual town halls to keep you updated on our work and answer your questions. We will also host a virtual book club and discuss books that offer insight into our current political landscape and help frame our core democratic values. We have two upcoming events:

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