The Problem: 

Regular redistricting is essential to ensuring that every vote counts. Gerrymandering robs voters of their right to cast a meaningful vote for politicians who represent them. But politicians often draw districts to give themselves or their party an unfair advantage. Voters should choose their representatives, not the other way around.
While redistricting is mostly thought of in terms of state legislative or congressional districts, it applies to every legislative body that uses by district elections, including local governments like city councils and county boards of supervisors. In most jurisdictions, the local legislative body draws its own election districts.

In Syracuse, outdated redistricting statues resulted in districts that haven’t been redrawn in decades – despite significant changes in where people live. In Onondaga County, the legislative district maps are boldly gerrymandered for partisan political advantage. This means that voters may not be able to elect people who share their lived experience and value

The Solution: 

Districts should be drawn by voters based on strict criteria that prioritizes people, not politicians. Elected officials should not be in charge of drawing their own maps – it’s a clear conflict of interest. In November 2019, voters in Syracuse overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the city charter to change the way redistricting happens in Syracuse. Learn more

Read about the Syracuse redistricting win in the press.

The Progress:

Exciting news! Syracuse is moving forward with enabling legislation for the City of Syracuse’s non-partisan rediostricting committee.  Read the enabling legislation now.  Common Council President Helen Hudson will be holding a series of informational committee meetings for public input on the upcoming enabling legislation for the non-partisan redistricting committee.

Currently scheduled hearings on enabling legislation

September 14th at 7 pm
Boys & Girls Club
2100 E Fayette St,
Syracuse, NY 13224

Palace Theatre
2384 James St
Syracuse, NY 13206

(more dates to be added)

We are encouraging all interested parties to attend and provide input on the legislation. 

Activists want true redistricting reform in Onondaga County. Take action:

Session will be held at the Legislative Chambers, and speakers will be able to speak at the podium. If you are not comfortable, due to the current circumstances, written statements will be accepted via email to or via USPS mail to the above address. *Statements will be accepted through 12:00 p.m. on July 7, 2020 and will become part of the permanent record.