Ranked Choice Voting can profoundly change the voter experience, the way candidates run their elections, and has the potential to reshape local politics. Common Cause/NY is advocating for the broadest possible use of Ranked Choice Voting – in ALL city races for primary and special elections.

Read our report on how Ranked Choice Voting could dramatically change our elections and our testimony to the Mayor’s Charter Revision Commission which wholeheartedly favors Ranked Choice Voting. Also, check out our op-ed from our Executive Director, An Opportunity to Offer Real Election Reform in NYC, in the Gotham Gazette.

So, why Ranked Choice Voting?
Ranked Choice Voting allows voters to rank candidates from first to last choice on the ballot. A candidate who collects a majority of the vote wins. If there’s no majority, then the last-place candidate will be eliminated and votes reallocated. The process is repeated until there’s a majority winner. Watch the 60 second explainer from Santa Fe, NM below for more info.


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