Americans expect elections to be conducted fairly, without partisan favor.

Politicians in power shouldn’t be allowed to draw voting maps that benefit themselves. We have a solution that is already working in some states to create a fair system so that voters are choosing the politicians, instead of politicians choosing their voters. When politicians manipulate voting maps to keep own political party in power, the result is dysfunction, polarization, mistrust, cynicism, and public policies that don’t reflect the will of the people.

In 2011, Common Cause New York released the only set of non-partisan redistricting maps for state and federal office, including a congressional plan, which have been widely hailed as a fair and viable alternative to the legislature’s official proposals by Newsday, the New York Times, Daily News, Syracuse Post Standard, and others. In so doing, Common Cause/NY proved that there is no practical impediment to a fair process, only a political one. The Special Master charged by the federal court with drawing fair congressional lines that are now in place used the Common Cause/NY maps as a template for his proposal.

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