New York voters deserve fair representation for a democracy that better reflects our communities. We work to restore balance to district maps and ensure that they are free from favoritism or political influence.

New York’s City Council redistricting process is intended to adjust political representation in line with changes to the city’s population as measured by the decennial Census. The City Charter (Chapter 2-A ยง 52) stipulates that districts must be redrawn according to a strict set of criteria to assure proportional and accurate representation:

  • Districts may vary from the average population by a maximum of +/- 5%
  • Districting plan must ensures the fair and effective representation of the racial and language minority groups in New York protected by the Voting Rights Act of 1965
  • District lines must keep intact neighborhoods and communities with established ties of common interest and association
  • Each district shall be compact and shall be no more than twice as long as it is wide.
  • A district shall not cross borough or county boundaries.
  • Districts shall not be drawn for the purpose of separating geographic concentrations of voters enrolled in the same political party into two or more districts

For the 2012-2013 New York City redistricting cycle, Common Cause/NY offered neighborhood workshops so residents would understand the redistricting process and be able contribute meaningfully to setting political boundary lines that accurately reflected where they live and associate, and drew a set of reform maps. We’ll be actively involved educating City residents for the upcoming 20222-2023 cycle.

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