Fair maps means counting everyone equally, playing by the rules, and having a transparent process. New Yorkers expect redistricting to be a fair and objective process in which electoral lines are adjusted to reflect demographic changes in the census.

Fair Redistricting in Nassau County

Common Cause New York is a leading member of the Nassau United Redistricting Coalition a nonpartisan civic engagement coalition supporting inclusive, balanced, and fair legislative redistricting in Nassau County. Along with our coalition partners, the League of Women Voters of Nassau County, La Fuente and the Long Island Civic Engagement Table, we are working to educate Nassau’s voters and legislators on the need for redistricting reform through a combination of forums, direct actions, reports, and creative activities illustrating the impact of gerrymandering on Nassau’s voters.

Our work in Nassau County redistricting can help other counties draw fair, impartial distrioct maps during the upcoming 2022 redistricting cycle.

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