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Voting & Elections 09.14.2018

What does Thursday's Remarkable Primary Voter Turnout Mean for New York?

But perhaps the most significant takeaway from yesterday's primary is that the bar for record-breaking, expectation-shattering turnout in New York remains stubbornly low. As Susan Lerner, the always on-brand executive director of Common Cause NY notes, a majority of eligible voters still did not vote in yesterday's primary, and an untold number of those who tried found their registrations mysteriously changed, if not entirely purged.

Voting & Elections 09.13.2018

Why NYC Voter Rolls Were Missing Names Again, Explained

“This is a perennial problem,” said Susan Lerner, executive director of voting rights organization Common Cause New York. “It’s very hard to maintain an active voter roll, but in New York City it’s particularly challenging because of the large number of voters, the way people move around readily and the fact systems are not user friendly.”

Voting & Elections 09.12.2018

Why Are New York’s Voting Laws So Terrible?

With New Yorkers heading to the polls on Thursday for the gubernatorial primary, it’s a good time to reflect on the dreadful state of the supposedly progressive state’s voting laws. Despite a governor who pays lip service to the issue, New York seems determined to make it difficult for its citizens to cast ballots, forgoing the progress made in much of the rest of the country in recent years. Perhaps not coincidentally, New York has some of the lowest voting rates in America. Daily Intelligencer spoke briefly with Susan Lerner, the executive director of Common Cause NY, about why New York’s antiquated rules are still with us today, and whether they might change anytime soon.

Voting & Elections 09.12.2018

In New York, Low Voter Turnout is by Design

"It's all about what's best for the two political parties," said Susan Lerner, executive director of the watchdog group Common Cause New York. "They have no concern for the voter."

Voting & Elections 09.7.2018

NY Attorney General Candidates Gang Up on Zephyr Teachout in Final Debate

But perhaps the most illuminating moment of the night came when moderator Brian Lehrer handed the mic to Common Cause Executive Director Susan Lerner, who asked how the future attorney general should use the powers of the office to protect voting rights in the state. None of the candidates seemed ready with a coherent response (Teachout, who referenced the state's lawsuit over the voter purge in Brooklyn last year, got closest.) "I'm afraid not all the candidates answered the question that was asked," lamented Lerner.

Voting & Elections 08.29.2018

A Few Questions for Cynthia Nixon Before Tonight's Debate

How would Cynthia Nixon handle over $3 billion in discretionary economic development funds? "If Cynthia Nixon were governor and she followed the Cuomo mold, she would basically have complete control over about $3 billion in economic development money," says Susan Lerner, the executive director of the good government group Common Cause New York. "It's not 20 percent of the budget, but it's still a lot of money." "It's easy to say this is wrong, and we should have some accountability. Well, lay out the right way to do it, from your point of view," Lerner says. "How are you going to parcel that money out? Are you going to give it back to the legislature? Will you abolish the Empire State Development Corporation? What will you replace it with? How are you going to do it?"

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