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Media & Democracy 08.4.2018

Charter Communications fallout: State regulators urged to tread lightly

But the digital divide between rural and more developed areas is real, said Susan Lerner, executive director of Common Cause New York, a statewide nonprofit watchdog for good government. “The resulting entity (from the Charter merger) is so large that they can just laugh at the state, and that’s exactly why the state has had to take the extreme position of revoking the merger,” said Lerner, who called on New York to regulate telecommunications companies as utilities. “Any new company that took over from Charter would be on notice that the state is proactive in holding the company to its obligation of extending service to consumers,” Lerner added.

Molinaro Calls for Probe of Cuomo's taxpayer-funded mailer

Susan Learner, executive director of the government watchdog group Common Cause, slammed the Cuomo-friendly mailer as “misleading” and inappropriate. “How can Governor Cuomo say that it’s easier to vote in New York when he and the legislature have failed, year after year, to pass common sense election reforms like early voting, and automatic voter registration? Not only is this mailer misleading, it’s a questionable use of tax dollars to promote the Governor’s re-election,” Lerner said.

Jury Finds Skelos, Son Guilty On All Charges

“Two juries have now twice convicted Dean Skelos of using his position in government to extort favors for his family in return for taxpayer funded resources. Case closed,” said Associate Director of Common Cause/NY Sarah Goff in statement.

Money & Influence 07.12.2018

Attorney general urged to probe senator's use of nonprofit's housing

Common Cause Executive Director Susan Lerner cited Crain's findings that, according to campaign finance documents and other official records, Hamilton has used a residential building at 284 New York Ave. in Brooklyn belonging to the block association as the base of his political operations for more than a decade, in violation of zoning and occupancy rules.

The ugly rules of the City Council pork game

Good-government types have targeted this kind of thing since — well, forever: “There are no guidelines, and it really is a pretty obvious conflict of interest,” says Common Cause chief Susan Lerner.

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