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Voting & Elections 11.14.2018

Is Ranked Choice the Best Choice?

Common Cause New York made the case for ranked choice voting Tuesday night during a forum at New York Law School. “Folks were very attentive, very positive, there was a lot of energy in the room,” executive director Susan Lerner told The Point. Common Cause has a potential cause célèbre looming — the race for New York City public advocate. Seven Democrats have said they’re running in the special election to be held early next year. The field could end up including 10 to 15 candidates.

MTA Chairman Joe Lhota Resigns

he chairman of the Metropolitan Transit Authority is stepping down, the latest in a series of departures within Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's administration since the governor was elected to his third term on Tuesday. Joseph J. Lhota, who was selected chairman by the governor and confirmed by the state Senate in a late-night Skype hearing last June, has faced criticism for simultaneously holding jobs that create the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Voting & Elections 11.7.2018

A Citywide Paper Jam: Ballot Problems Fuel Calls for Election Reform

There was plenty of blame to go around for the outbreak of voting machine breakdowns and long delays that plagued New York City polling places on Election Day, but no one was certain of a precise solution — only that one was needed fast.

Voting & Elections 11.7.2018

Finally Let New York Vote: End restrictive practices that effectively disenfranchise millions, beginning with early voting

In the midterm election, 38 million Americans in 37 states voted early. None of them were in New York. Instead, eager New Yorkers turned out in record numbers only to wait in long lines, in the rain, sometimes for hours at a time.

Voting & Elections 11.5.2018

As Early Voting Surges Across America, New Yorkers Can Only Watch & Wait

Across the country, millions of voters have been casting ballots early, surpassing expectations set by previous low turnout midterms and pointing to the possible existence of a very real Blue Wave—or maybe not. While it's probably still too early to know what any of this means, there are definitely some encouraging signs of bubbling civic excitement: In 26 states, more people have already voted than in the entirety of the 2014 midterms; despite blatant voter suppression attempts in Georgia, residents are smashing previous midterm early voting records; and young voters under 30 are casting ballots at unforeseen rates and gaining ground on the significant participation advantage held by older voters.

Voting & Elections 11.5.2018

Translators Kept Away from Voters They're Meant to Help

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has expanded a program that puts more translators at polling places across the city, but good government groups fear they won't be able to connect with voters. That's because the city's Board of Election is requiring them to set up more than 100 feet away.

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