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Voting & Elections 12.6.2018

After the Long-Hanging Fruit, Will Albany Look at Term Limits, Instant Runoffs?

Sen. Liz Krueger and Common Cause New York executive director Susan Lerner joined Jarrett Murphy of City Limits and Ben Max of Gotham Gazette on Monday for a special video edition of Max & Murphy on Manhattan Neighborhood Network to size up the political reform agenda in Albany in 2019.

Man In Charge Of NYC Board Of Elections Took Trips Paid For By Electronic Ballot Scanner Company

Susan Lerner, executive director of Common Cause, said that Ryan must go, calling his presence on ES&S's board and acceptance of paid trips an "outrageous conflict of interest."

Voting & Elections 12.4.2018

Agenda 2019: High Hopes for Long-Awaited Reforms

“There is a tremendous amount of demand for democracy reforms,” said Sarah Goff, associate director at Common Cause New York, a government reform advocacy group. “The state Legislature has the unique opportunity, with the dramatic shift in landscape, to prove to voters that they got the message.”

Assembly Speaker Makes Case for Legislative Pay Raise

Common Cause New York Executive Director Susan Lerner wanted a ban on all outside income, but would accept a limitation.

City Council Split Over Outgoing DOI Commissioner’s Request To Testify On Ouster

Susan Lerner of Common Cause says she wants to be sure that pending investigations, one of which involves allegations of the mayor’s interference in Yeshiva education, are carried out. “The independence of the office going forward is paramount,” she said.

MTA Chairman Joe Lhota Resigns

he chairman of the Metropolitan Transit Authority is stepping down, the latest in a series of departures within Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's administration since the governor was elected to his third term on Tuesday. Joseph J. Lhota, who was selected chairman by the governor and confirmed by the state Senate in a late-night Skype hearing last June, has faced criticism for simultaneously holding jobs that create the appearance of a conflict of interest.

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