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Ethics 03.3.2020

He Ran for President. Now He’s Politicking for His Wife in Brooklyn

“Gracie Mansion is the official residence of the mayor of New York City. It should not be used for donor cultivation events,” said Susan Lerner, the executive director of Common Cause New York, a nonpartisan good government group. “If the mayor wants to have a Super Bowl where he invites donors, then pay to have it at a bar.”

Ethics 10.25.2019

Common Cause Says JCOPE Is Misinterpreting Lobbying Law

“JCOPE appears to be willfully misinterpreting the lobbying law, which as written, clearly should not apply to Ms. Sullivan or any private individual who takes it upon herself to petition her government,” Lerner said. “This is an abuse of power that smacks of retaliation, and violates our fundamental democratic rights. A person who is not retained to advocate on behalf of another entity is not a lobbyist, by definition under the New York Lobbying Act. It’s clear that Ms. Sullivan’s passion, not a paycheck, is what’s driving her advocacy. It’s an embarrassment that JCOPE can’t tell the difference and continues to harass her rather than pursuing actual public corruption.”

Ethics 08.20.2019

De Blasio's Presidential Bid Degrades the Mayoralty

"He's a walking ethical disaster, constantly looking for loopholes and ways to skirt the intent of our city's campaign finance laws, and now he's lifting the same strategies up to the federal level," Susan Lerner, executive director of good-government group Common Cause New York

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