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Voting & Elections 08.19.2014

Suit Challenges Misleading Redistricting Amendment Ballot Language

Voters have filed a lawsuit appealing the New York Board of Elections’ approved ballot language for Proposition 1, which concerns amending the state constitution to establish a redistricting commission.

Voting & Elections 08.13.2014

NY redistricting proposal is just more political flim-flammery (Editorial)

In November, New York voters will be asked to pass judgment on a constitutional amendment that changes the way legislative and congressional districts are redrawn every 10 years based on the U.S. Census. The ballot proposition is wonky and complicated and therefore open to manipulation. And manipulated it was.

Voting & Elections 08.11.2014

Ballot wording draws concerns

For the second consecutive year, government-reform advocates are raising questions about a statewide referendum on this year's ballot and claiming its language is a bit too rosy.

Voting & Elections 07.29.2014

Redistricting advocates call for 'strictly neutral' ballot language

Good government groups proposed ballot language on Thursday for a constitutional amendment on redistricting that will come before voters in November, in an effort to ensure that the phrasing is “strictly neutral and not biased.”

Voting & Elections 07.29.2014

Common Cause/NY, NYPIRG & EffectiveNY Propose Redistricting Amendment Ballot Language

Today a coalition of good government groups, environmental and immigrant advocates, and legal organizations urged the New York State Boards of Elections and Attorney General, Eric T. Schneiderman to insure that ballot language for the redistricting amendment, which will appear on the November ballot, is strictly neutral and not biased.

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