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Sydney is the Associate Director at Common Cause New Mexico.  She works on the day-to-day operations, management, and execution of all aspects of Common Cause New Mexico’s policy, development and outreach programs including community organizing.

Sydney has been working within the political and advocacy community for over five years. A graduate from the University of New Mexico, she is passionate about subverting systems of oppression that have worked to marginalize and disenfranchise generations of New Mexicans. Sydney believes that inter-sectional advocacy and policy is crucial to building and sustaining strong communities in the face of adversity.

Her passion for culture and community is intertwined with a strong desire to increase and develop leadership opportunities for young people, especially young people of color. An Emerge New Mexico graduate, Sydney believes in empowering and equipping her community with the tools to advocate for their healthcare, quality of life, culture, and civil liberties. In her free time, Sydney enjoys the arts, especially performance art, and uses her multifaceted skills to increase revenue and funds for various community non-profits.

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