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Ethics 01.24.2023

Proposal aims to keep legislators from drinking while on the job

All of our New Mexico lawmakers should be having debates, considering legislation, and making decisions on behalf of their constituents with a clear and sober mind. Sponsored by Sen. Harold Pope (D-Bernalillo), a new Senate rule would require that "no senator shall consume alcohol before or during any floor session or meeting of a committee to which a member has been appointed."

Modernizing the Legislature to be discussed during this year’s session

Our state originally intended to have a citizen-led legislature, but in modern times, an unpaid, voluntary legislature has had the opposite effect -- with ordinary New Mexicans unable to afford to serve. Having an unpaid legislature “may have worked over 100 years ago during the creation of our state when we were horse-and-buggy but in our modern day, we need to have a paid legislature because right now really the only people who can afford to legislate and participate in the legislative process are often individuals who are retired or independently wealthy,” Mario Jimenez III said.

Advocates blast Senate ethics bill

Heather Ferguson, executive director of Common Cause New Mexico, said the Senate proposal doesn’t match what people voted for.

Ethics 01.16.2019

Legislature should enact voters’ mandate for strong ethics commission

Heather Ferguson of Common Cause New Mexico outlines our priorities for a strong ethics commission

Ethics 01.13.2019

Legislature fleshes out details of ethics commission in 2019

Common Cause New Mexico prepares for the legislative session and will advocate to ensure proper powers and funding for the ethics commission

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