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Sine Die: Budget Cuts, Election Laws, and Moving Forward

At the beginning of our 54th Legislative Session, Common Cause New Mexico set our top priority to secure the funding needed for our newly created State Ethics Commission. We also supported legislation to modernize and improve our legislative structure, to reduce conflicts of interests by sending an amendment to the voters to allow for a professional and paid legislature and to increase our lowest-in-the-country judicial salaries and while some of these bills weren’t successful this session, we will keep them moving through the interim committee process to introduce again next year.

Heading into the Final Week: Democracy Issues On a Winning Streak!

With less than a week before Sine Die for the 54th Legislative Session, things are really heating up in the Roundhouse, and CCNM is working hard to pass and protect democracy reforms in New Mexico!

Ethics 02.9.2020

Public Financing, Ethics Funding, Election Laws, and Centennial Celebration, Oh My!

Common Cause New Mexico’s priority bills have been flying through committees during this past week’s 54th Legislative Session.

Legislative Reform: A Hot Topic at the Roundhouse

Two different legislative reforms are on the agenda for discussion this 30-day short session.

To Fund or Not To Fund: The Reality Facing the Ethics Commission

New year, new goals and big priorities for open and accountable government in New Mexico for the 30-day New Mexico Legislative Session that began last Tuesday!

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