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Ethics 02.19.2015

Thank You to the House Judiciary Committee For Supporting Common Cause Issues Today!

Common Cause New Mexico passes through committee a bill that promotes democracy for our future by encouraging young people to vote.

Voting & Elections 02.17.2015

“Revolving Door” Begins to Close

Common Cause New Mexico priority legislation to require a two-year waiting period before legislators become lobbyists passes committee unanimously

Voting & Elections 02.13.2015

Roundhouse Resurrection!

Common Cause New Mexico had several successes at the Roundhouse, with bills coming off the table for a vote.

Voting & Elections 02.10.2015

Manic Monday at the Roundhouse

Common Cause New Mexico supported two bills that were tabled today - Independent Redistricting and Lobbyist Disclosure - but we are not deterred.

Money & Influence 02.7.2015

End-of-Week Roundhouse Updates

Common Cause New Mexico sums up the week at the Roundhouse, including our campaign finance bill passing its first senate committee

Voting & Elections 02.3.2015

Poll Shows Overwhelming Support of Campaign Finance and Ethics Reforms

Common Cause New Mexico statewide poll results show that voters overwhelmingly support campaign finance and ethics reforms in the 2015 session

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