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Voting & Elections 02.24.2015

Good Voting and Election Bills on the Move

Common Cause New Mexico works to advance bills to improve voting rights, disclosure and ethics.

Voting & Elections 02.19.2015

Thank You to the House Judiciary Committee For Supporting Common Cause Issues Today!

Common Cause New Mexico passes through committee a bill that promotes democracy for our future by encouraging young people to vote.

Voting & Elections 02.17.2015

“Revolving Door” Begins to Close

Common Cause New Mexico priority legislation to require a two-year waiting period before legislators become lobbyists passes committee unanimously

Voting & Elections 02.13.2015

Roundhouse Resurrection!

Common Cause New Mexico had several successes at the Roundhouse, with bills coming off the table for a vote.

Voting & Elections 02.12.2015

Midweek fun at the Roundhouse

Update on bills passed through committee today to improve New Mexico State Government

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