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Voting & Elections 04.21.2020

How our elections can proceed during a pandemic

There has been a huge surge in interest to adopt vote-by-mail to safely administer the 2020 elections in nationally and in Minnesota. It is important to recognize that any necessary adjustments to our elections must be realistic and made within the context of Minnesota’s existing election infrastructure and not based on the election administration in other states. Vote-by-mail differs from no-excuse absentee voting. We are lucky in that we’ve already got 1,000 precincts operating under a vote-by-mail process: a little over 100,000 Minnesotans already doing it.

Media Release: During COVID-19 State of Emergency, Transparency and Public Access to Government Proceedings Must Be Maintained

This is a time for our country to be united to protect each other as we face COVID-19, and that includes respecting and protecting public participation in and oversight of government.

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