Redistricting may sound like a complicated and boring process, and politicians would be very happy for you to continue thinking so. We hope that you will join as we demystify redistricting so we feel more confident about getting involved in our redistricting process and interacting with our elected officials.


Through the collective network of democracy partners on the MN Alliance for Democracy (MA4D), we are creating opportunities for you to learn more about redistricting by exploring and participating in mapping activities. You will also learn more about voting rights and how you can join us in making sure all Minnesotans are fairly represented in our district voting maps.



The OurMAPS campaign is a partnership of local communities dedicated to :

  • Advocacy & Lobby efforts
  • puts redistricting in the hands of a citizens commission not politicians.
  • centers redistricting principles on people, not politicians/political parties  
  • Outreach & Education
  • hosting events to talk about what is redistricting, why it’s important, how it impacts our voting rights & what you can do.
  • helping you learn how to draw their community maps and be prepared to engage your elected officials to talk about district maps.
  • Litigation 
  • Exploring legal options in partnership with MA4D democracy partners and allies, to ensure Minnesotans, regardless of where they live, how they vote or their race/ethnicity are fairly and equitably represented within maps produced by the legislature or Minnesota Courts. 

Learn more about the campaign here