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VIDEO LINKS AND QUOTES from Today’s Media Briefing: Common Cause Minnesota Submits Community Drawn Maps

Earlier today, Our Maps coalition co-leader, Common Cause Minnesota, briefed the media on the filing of community-drawn maps for consideration in this year’s redistricting cycle. The maps were drawn to ensure that Black, Indigenous, and Minnesotans of Color are fairly represented in the state’s new voting maps.

Common Cause Minnesota Files Redistricting Principles to Protect Communities of Color

Today, Common Cause Minnesota recommended redistricting criteria to the state’s special redistricting panel to ensure fair representation and equal political voice for Minnesota’s rapidly growing communities of color. The brief recommends the panel reject the “least-change” strategy being promoted by other plaintiffs and instead adopt principles that protect communities of interest.

Voting & Elections 09.16.2021

Coalition of Voting Rights Groups File Amicus Brief to Restore the Freedom to Vote

Today, Common Cause Minnesota, the League of Women Voters of Minnesota and the Minnesota Second Chance Coalition, filed an amicus brief with the State Supreme Court to restore the voting rights of tens of thousands of Minnesotans in Schroeder v. Minnesota Secretary of State.

VIDEO LINKS AND QUOTES from Yesterday’s Statewide Prison Gerrymandering Webinar

Yesterday, a panel of national and local redistricting experts discussed the history and harmful consequences of prison-based gerrymandering in Minnesota. The experts described how prison gerrymandering occurs and how the practice diminishes the electoral and political power of Minnesotans of color, and other disenfranchised Minnesotans.

CMD and Common Cause Minnesota File Complaint Against ALEC and ALEC Legislators for Illegal Campaign Scheme

Complaint to Minnesota Campaign Finance Board alleges that ALEC illegally gave sophisticated voter management campaign software linked to the RNC worth $3,000 to its state chairs, Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer and Rep. Pat Garofalo, and other ALEC members. Similar complaints are being filed with the IRS and in 14 other states.

Media Briefing: Coalition of Voting Rights and Community Organizations File Lawsuit to Include Minnesota’s Black, Indigenous and Communities of Color in State’s Redistricting Process

Today, Common Cause Minnesota, OneMN.org, Voices for Racial Justice, and a voter co-plaintiff briefed the media on the preemptive lawsuit they jointly filed to ensure Minnesotans of color are represented in the state’s redistricting process. The coalition’s filing focuses solely on the interests of Black, Indigenous, Minnesotans of color, and other disenfranchised communities.

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