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Voting & Elections 10.20.2023

Democracy Leaders Pledge Minnesotans’ Rights ‘Will Not Be Undermined’

St. PAUL, MN — Earlier this week, a Mille Lacs County judge made a brazen attempt to bar two individuals with felony convictions from voting. The attempt comes in spite of the recent signing of the Restore the Vote Act, which returned and maintained voting rights to Minnesotans with felony convictions who are not currently incarcerated.

50 State Report: Minnesota Receives Average Grade for Redistricting from Common Cause

St. PAUL, MN — Today, Common Cause, the leading anti-gerrymandering group, published a report grading the redistricting process in all 50 states from the view of the community. The comprehensive report evaluates public access, outreach, and education in each state based on an analysis of more than 120 detailed surveys and more than 60 interviews. 

Voting & Elections 05.12.2023

Improvements to Democracy Must Be Free of Backroom Politics

PAUL, MN — With less than two weeks left before the end of Minnesota’s legislative session and multiple election-related policy debates still unresolved, Common Cause Minnesota today called on legislative leaders to prioritize transparency and pro-voter policies as the session wraps up. 

Voting & Elections 05.5.2023

Minnesota Poised to Improve Democracy, Make Elections More Accessible

ST. PAUL, MN — Today, Gov. Walz signed into law HF3, also known as the Democracy for the People Act legislation that protects the freedom to vote and makes participating in democracy more accessible for Minnesotans. Last week, the bill passed the MN Senate in a 34-33 vote and passed the MN House by 70-57 earlier in April.

Voting & Elections 03.6.2023

Common Cause Minnesota Celebrates Signing of Restore the Vote Bill

PAUL, MN — Last Friday, Common Cause Minnesota stood alongside Governor Tim Walz as he signed a bill that will restore voting rights for Minnesotans with felony convictions who are not currently incarcerated. The signing comes after the Minnesota Legislature passed SF26 and the companion bill HF28. 

Voting & Elections 02.22.2023

Common Cause Minnesota Praises MN Senate After Passage of Voting Reformation Bill

PAUL, MN — Late last night, the Minnesota Senate passed SF26, a bill that will restore voting rights for Minnesotans with felony convictions who are not currently incarcerated. The bill is a huge step forward for voting rights in Minnesota and is the culmination of years of advocacy by Common Cause Minnesota and the Restore the Vote Coalition.

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