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Help us Get Ranked Choice Voting on the 2020 Ballot

It’s time that Bay Staters have more choice in their elections. With Ranked Choice Voting, they will get just that: a voting system that allows voters to support their true favorite, rank subsequent candidates, and see third-party candidates on the ballot.

To get Ranked Choice Voting on the 2020 Ballot, we need signatures. Here’s how you can help:

  • Download and print the petition form below – print actual size, portrait, and double-sided
  • Sign it legibly and write your address in the second column – you can leave ward/precinct blank, but be sure that each sheet only contains addresses for one city/town
  • Indicate the town in which you are registered in the box on the bottom of the first page, and the top right of the second
  • Mail it to us at Common Cause Massachusetts, 11 Beacon Street, Suite 620, Boston MA 02108 by Monday, November 11th.

If you’re able and willing to collect additional signatures, that would be fantastic! However, each petition can only include signatures from one city or town. If you collect signatures from folks in different towns or cities be sure to use separate petition forms for each town. We actually prefer a small number of signatures per page. Please also do NOT write on the petition other than the signature lines. Markings in the description will invalidate the whole page.

Call or email Kristina at (617) 426-9600 or kmensik@commoncause.org if you want more information or contact the folks at VoterChoice2020 here.

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