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Common Cause Indiana’s Citizens Commission Provides a Public Interest Alternative to Partisan Redistricting

Today, Common Cause Indiana announced that they have formed a diverse and politically balanced citizens redistricting commission as an independent alternative to the partisan-controlled process led by the Indianapolis City County Council.

Anti-Gerrymandering Groups Condemn Ongoing Effort to Ignore Public’s Call for Reform

Today, voting rights organizations condemned the actions of the Senate super-majority who killed an effort by State Senator Fady Qaddoura to offer an amendment to create a summer study committee on redistricting.

All IN for Democracy Holds Day of Action for Redistricting Reform

Members of the All IN for Democracy coalition urged state leaders to “rebuild the fabric of democracy” by passing independent redistricting legislation at a lobby day held at the Indiana State Museum and the Indiana Statehouse today.

Citizens Redistricting Commission Calls on Senate to Give Community Maps Consideration

Today, members of the Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC) called on leaders of the Indiana Senate to pass maps drawn by citizens as part of the ICRC mapping competition, instead of the maps passed last week by the Indiana House of Representatives.

Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission Announces Winners of Mapping Competition

Today, members of the Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC) announced the winners of its redistricting mapping competition for State House of Representatives, State Senate, and Congress. The winning maps will be used as the standard by which to judge the maps drawn by the Indiana General Assembly and will be a valuable tool to hold legislators accountable for the mapping decisions they make.

Indiana Faith Leaders Urge Statewide Hearings or Timeline Extension in This Year’s Redistricting Cycle

Indiana faith leaders gathered today at the Statehouse chapel to demand that the General Assembly hold multiple statewide public hearings for the public to give input on new district maps or extend the redistricting timeline. Leaders representing a diversity of faith traditions underscored how a democratic process that will shape our elections for the next decade demands the highest levels of public debate and participation, more than one day of public hearings.

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