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Update: Applications have closed as of 11:59 p.m., January 4th 2021. Thank you to all who have applied, and we will be in touch shortly!


The Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC) will demonstrate how the redistricting process in Indiana should be conducted. The ICRC will show that a politically balanced group of citizens working transparently and in cooperation with citizens can devise districts that will serve the public interest, not the interests of politicians.

The ICRC will hold a series of virtual public meetings in January and February of 2021 to take public testimony on what redistricting criteria should guide the map-drawing process and to identify communities of interest throughout the state. They will publish a report and send it to the members of the Indiana General Assembly (IGA) charged with redistricting responsibilities. They will also sponsor a map-drawing competition and serve as the judges for that competition. The maps that best fulfill the criteria established through the public testimony and endorsed by the ICRC membership will be awarded cash prizes.

Those maps will also be submitted to the IGA by the All IN for Democracy coalition whose members will lobby the legislature to adopt them, instead of the partisan-drawn maps that will be produced by the incumbent politicians. Our goal is to force the IGA to choose between maps drawn in a transparent manner by a politically balanced group of citizens or the maps drawn in secret by politicians who want to preserve their power. The choice should be clear.


The ICRC will be composed of nine members: three Republicans, three Democrats and three members who are neither Republican nor Democrat. Once selected, the members will select a chairperson who must not be affiliated with either of the major political parties. The ICRC will begin its work in early January 2021. We do not know what effect COVID-19 or the potential for delayed data from the U.S. Census Bureau may have on the time or work of the ICRC. More information will be provided by All IN for Democracy as we get it.

A small stipend of $500 will be provided to ICRC members at the end of the project.

Conflicts of Interest that Prohibit Certain Applicants

The ICRC seeks to create a redistricting process that is independent from legislative influence. Therefore, certain people are prohibited from applying for membership. If an individual answers YES to any of the following questions, the individual would not be eligible to serve on the Commission.

1. Were you elected to, appointed to or a candidate for a federal office within the past 6 years?

2. Were you elected to, appointed to, or a candidate for a state office within the past 6 years?

3. Were you elected to, appointed to, or a candidate for a local office within the past 6 years?

4. Have you served as an officer for a state or local political party within the past 6 years? (A Precinct Committee Person would not disqualify the individual.)

5. Have you worked as a registered lobbyist at the local, state, or federal level within the past 6 years?

6. Have you worked as a staff person for an elected official at the local, state, or federal level within the past 6 years?

7. Have you worked for a federal or state agency within the past 6 years? (Employees of the courts, institutions of higher learning, and the armed forces ARE eligible to serve on the commission.)

8. Have you worked as a consultant or staff to a political campaign within the past 6 years?

9. Have you or a member of your household contributed more than $2500 to political candidates or PACs in the previous calendar year?

10. Are you an immediate family member (spouse, child or stepchild, parent, niece, nephew, grandchild) of a person described in 1 – 8 above?

If you answered “no” to the above conflicts of interest questions, click below to fill out our application form!

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