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Common Cause Releases 2022 “Democracy Scorecard” Showing Growing Support in Congress for Democracy Reform

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — As constituents evaluate the performance of their members of Congress, Common Cause released its 2022 “Democracy Scorecard,” a tracking resource with the positions of all members of Congress on campaign finance reform, ethics and transparency, and voting rights legislation. The fourth biennial scorecard is produced to help constituents hold their leaders in the 117th Congress accountable for passing common-sense legislation that preserves and strengthens our democracy. 

Indiana’s New Abortion Ban Showcases the Need for Redistricting Reform

“The Indiana Legislature’s recent decision to ban abortion has stripped away the fundamental rights of millions, taken our state backwards on reproductive freedom and shown why we must update our current redistricting system."


Tippecanoe County Election Administrator Violating Voter Registration Law; Voter Advocates File Complaint With Indiana Election Division

INDIANAPOLIS — Today, Common Cause Indiana and the League of Women Voters of Greater Lafayette (LWVGL) filed an administrative complaint with the co-directors of the Indiana Election Division (IED) to notify them of ongoing violations of voter registration laws by the Tippecanoe County Board of Elections and Registration. The complaint asks the co-directors to address these ongoing violations by requiring Tippecanoe County election officials to comply with the Indiana voter registration statute.

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