Every American voter deserves modern, secure, fair, and accessible elections.

For the last twenty years, every contested mayor’s race in Evanston has been won by whoever raised the most money (with our current mayor raising over $200,000 in the last election alone!)

In Evanston, big money donors yell the loudest, set the agenda, and rig the rules in their favor, with tax breaks for the wealthy paid for by cuts in education or health care for the rest of us. We need strong protections in our democracy so that every voter’s voice is heard, and every voice counts equally.

We need to strengthen our democracy so that the government works for all of us, not just those who can donate $600+ dollars to a campaign (the average donation in the most recent City Council election).

Illinois has the opportunity to lead the charge toward citizen-funded elections in the Midwest, and we are starting in Evanston. Citizen-funded elections help break down barriers to participating in our democracy, creating a government that looks like us and works for us. Reforms that provide public matching funds to amplify the role of ordinary Americans in financing elections have made it possible for more women, people of color, and those of modest means to run and get elected to public office. And a new type of citizen-funded election — providing regular people with campaign funding vouchers — has taken root in Seattle and is being explored elsewhere.

We have two proposals to raise the voices of everyday Americans, not just those who have the ability to give hundreds of dollars. Read more about our proposals and why we care about fair elections in Evanston at equitableevanston.org.

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