In America, we can have a system of government that is of, by, and for the people—a democracy where everyone has an equal voice and our elected officials are held accountable to we the people. But today wealthy special interests and their lobbyists have thrown our system out of balance. They make the rules, they set the agenda, and they do it by drowning out the voices of everyday Americans. The size of your wallet shouldn’t determine the strength of your voice. Instead, we must build an American democracy where all people are truly equal.

As leaders in the Fair Elections Illinois coalition, we have launched campaigns across Illinois to reform our campaign finance system and build a democracy where everyone’s voice is heard. We advocate for money in politics solutions that empower small-dollar donors to make an impact in campaigns, require disclosure of all campaign money raised and spent, remove the financial barriers stopping everyday people from running for office, and hold elected officials and wealthy special interests accountable to voters.

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