Illinoisans deserve a democracy that values and respects our freedom to vote. At Common Cause Illinois, we are committed to defending voting rights, making the ballot box accessible for all eligible voters, and safeguarding our voting systems to guarantee accurate and fair elections.

In the 2016 general election, Common Cause worked with the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights to ensure fair and impartial voting procedures and to protect against voter intimidation. We deployed more than 200 poll watchers to protect the right to vote across the state.

In April 2017, as part of an Election Protection coalition in Cook County, Common Cause IL worked again with the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee and other organizations to facilitate voter protection and access. As we head into the 2018 midterms, the efforts for election protection continue for the state.

To be a poll watcher, you must be a registered voter in Illinois, and be available for at least three hours of poll watching. Common Cause provides robust training for poll watchers to feel confident in ensuring that election judges and poll workers follow the law.

Protecting our democracy is not a partisan issue — when a foreign government or anyone else tries to influence our elections, it weakens all of our votes and voices. The American people deserve answers and real solutions to secure our elections moving forward.

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