Automatic voter registration is a common sense choice for modernizing and securing our voter registration process.

We can:

  • Ensure that all eligible citizens are able to cast ballots;
  • Increase security of voter rolls by making registration automatic for eligible citizens who are allowed to opt-out when getting a driving license or doing other official business with the state when all the information needed to register already exists;
  • Ensure that eligible voters who find it challenging to register to vote can still participate in our democracy.

In 2014, Common Cause IL worked tirelessly to advocate for Election Day Registration and Online Registration, both of which have now been implemented in Illinois. We continue our work to expand and protect voting rights, but we can’t do it without your help.

August 28, 2017 Governor Bruce Rauner became the first Republican Governor to sign Automatic Voter Registration Legislation into law. This was a great victory and came after intense lobbying with our partners at Just Democracy and great pressure by Common Cause members. The legislation was passed unanimously, and therefore would have been able to pass over a veto by the Governor. We are grateful that AVR is now law, but is has yet to be implemented.

We need to keep up the pressure on our elected officials to ensure AVR is implemented in a timely fashion and that it represents all of our communities. 1.13 million voters in Illinois can be automatically registered to participate in our democracy if we keep up the pressure.

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