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Voting & Elections 08.23.2017

Fixing Illinois' Broken Electoral Systems

Automatic voter registration will reduce costs, speed up the voting process, and secure voter lists.

Voting & Elections 08.8.2017

New Ruling Saves Same-Day

The Illinois Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals saved implementation of same-day voter registration in the state of Illinois.

Voting & Elections 03.15.2017

Testimony in support of SB1933 Automatic Voter Registration

Every American – Republican, Democrat, or Independent – has a fundamental right to vote and have their voted counted. Our democracy works best when everybody makes his or her voice heard on Election Day.

Voting & Elections 11.29.2016

Governor Rauner Forces Republican Legislators To Abandon Bipartisan Voting Reform Measure

Automatic Voter Registration could have registered up to two million eligible voters in Illinois

Voting & Elections 08.15.2016

More Than 5,000 Common Cause Members Are Already Working To Override Rauner’s Veto

More Than 5,000 Common Cause Members Are Already Working To Override Rauner’s Veto

Voting & Elections 08.3.2016

Let's Make Illinois A Leader In Voting Rights

Time is running out for you to sign Automatic Voter Registration, a groundbreaking piece of legislation that will increase the number of participants in our democracy – by up to 2 million citizens

Join the movement over 1 million strong for democracy

Join us: We deserve open, honest, and accountable government.