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Limits on the Influence of Money In Politics

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Money & Influence 10.25.2018

NPR: Pritzker Breaks Campaign Finance Record, Annoys Illinois With $80 Million Of Ads

"It's just distressing where you see these figures and I just feel like it makes people think that their democracy really isn't for them anymore," says Jay Young, who leads Common Cause Illinois — a nonpartisan government watchdog group — has been tracking the Pritzker-Rauner money fight.

Money & Influence 07.23.2018

CBS Chicago: Illinois Mayoral Candidate Willie Wilson Defends Big Cash Giveaway

“This feels very much like the way the old Chicago machine used to work,” stated Jay Young of Common Cause Illinois.

Voting & Elections 08.27.2015

Common Cause IL Statement to FEC Chair on Need For Campaign Finance Reform

Common Cause Illinois Executive Director Brian Gladstein Testifies to FEC Chair on the Need For Campaign Finance Reform

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