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ADVISORY Wed. Feb. 5: “Reject The Cover-Up” Rally in Honolulu to Protest GOP’s Sham Impeachment Trial

“Reject The Cover-Up” Protest Planned in Honolulu on Wednesday Evening to Protest GOP’s Sham Impeachment Trial of President Trump

Voting & Elections 01.6.2020

ADVISORY Jan. 11: Common Cause Hawaii & LWV Hawaii County Host 2020 Elections Preparation Panel with Political Party Leaders


Nobody Is Above the Law Rallies in Hawaii Will Demand Trump’s Impeachment

On the eve of the House impeachment, rallies in the hundreds will take place in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Voting & Elections 11.11.2019

Hawaii State Legislature Will Hold Vote-By-Mail Informational Briefing

Common Cause Hawaii Supports Improving How Citizens Can Cast Their Vote and Participate in Democracy With Vote-By-Mail

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