We’re Protecting Your Vote

Floridians deserve a democracy that values and holds sacred the freedom to vote. At Common Cause Florida, we are committed to defending voting rights, making ballot box accessible for all eligible voters, and safeguarding our voting systems to guarantee accurate and fair elections.

Common Cause Florida is part of a nonpartisan Election Protection Coalition that seeks to ensure that every eligible voter who wants to vote can and that every vote is counted accurately. Our Election Protection program is not affiliated with any party, candidate or issue campaign.

Voters who experience any difficulties while voting are encouraged to use the following hotlines to get live advice from the Election Protection Coalition attorneys. These hotlines will be connected to response teams on the ground to address problems as they occur.

Trained poll monitors are an integral part of the project out in the field. Poll monitors are volunteers on Election Day who assist voters in obtaining information about voting. After attending a training session, they will have answers to voters’ frequently asked questions and have websites and toll-free numbers on hand to direct voters for additional assistance.

To learn more about the program, or to find out about ways to volunteer, please join us.

Voting Tools

As Americans, our right to vote is a privilege and a responsibility. The right to vote and have our voices heard is fundamental to our democracy. Our democracy is stronger when every eligible Americans participates, confident that when they cast a vote that it will be counted as cast, that the process is secure, and that anyone who interferes or tampers with our elections will be held accountable.

Use our collection of voting tools to:

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