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Statement on the Racist Killings in Jacksonville

We at Common Cause Florida share in the heartbreak and outrage at the intentional and racist killings of Angela Carr, Anolt Laguerre, Jr. and Jerrald De’Shaun Gallion in Jacksonville this weekend.

Checks and Balances Preserved with Moore v. Harper Decision

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision last week in Moore v. Harper reinforced the role state courts and Florida’s constitution have in stopping unfair and discriminatory laws, election rules, and voting maps.

Voting & Elections 05.24.2023

Statement on Gov. DeSantis Signing Anti-Voter Measure into Law

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed S.B. 7050, a massive piece of election-related legislation that places restrictions on community groups who register new voters and also creates an exemption to Florida’s long-standing “resign to run” laws.

Voting & Elections 04.27.2023

Statement on 11th Circuit Court Anti-Voter Ruling in S.B. 90 Lawsuit

The appeals court reversed a lower court decision, leaving in place measures that will restrict access to the ballot box.

Voting & Elections 04.26.2023

Anti-voter Legislation Would Restrict Important Pathway for New Voter Registrations

A coalition of 36 groups sent a letter to legislative leaders warning that Black, Latino Floridians will face voter registration barriers.

Voting & Elections 04.18.2023

ADVISORY: Florida Legislature Surges Ahead with Voter Suppression Bills

A 108-page House bill was just released, containing a long list of anti-voter measures that will erect even more barriers to people's fundamental rights to vote.

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