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Voting & Elections 10.27.2020

Voters can still Vote At Home before the 2020 Election

Eligible voters who want to vote by mail can still do so if they pick-up and drop off their mail-in ballots.

Voting & Elections 10.13.2020

Common Cause Florida Opposes Ballot Initiatives 1 & 4

Common Cause Florida today announced its opposition to ballot initiatives numbers 1 and 4 and characterized the amendments as an attack on democracy and suffrage.

Voting & Elections 10.5.2020

Last Chance to Register to Vote Before Presidential Election

Confused or Turned Away, Our Nonpartisan Hotline Can Help

The People Must Decide the Next SCOTUS Appointment

With about 40 days until Election Day, and people across the nation already casting ballots in our presidential election, now is not the time to rush through an appointment to the Supreme Court.

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