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Daily dispatches of news and commentary from the front lines of the democracy movement. We accept original and cross-posted essays, interviews, video, audio, cartoons and other images from people interested in strengthening democracy so it works for all of us. The views are the author's and do not necessarily reflect the views of Common Cause. Please send submissions to Scott Blaine Swenson, Vice President for Communications, at sswenson@commoncause.org.

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What is the For the People Act – also known as H.R. 1?

As Democrats take back control of the U.S. House of Representatives this week, their first item of business is a robust democracy reform package that aims to give everyday people a bigger voice in politics and to create a more ethical and accountable government.

Common Cause endorses SJR 306, a good bill that sets up a framework for a redistricting commission, and is fighting to add anti-gerrymandering language as we approach the 2020 census.

Voting & Elections 02.4.2019

For the People Act is Actually By the People, Too.

The "For the People Act" (H.R. 1) is a bold, comprehensive set of solutions that did not originate in Congress. These ideas came from the people and have been won in cities and states from coast-to-coast, making the act, "by the people," too.

Voting & Elections 02.1.2019

Maddow: Kansas Shows Why “For the People Act” is Needed, and Has Momentum

Rachel Maddow talks about how Kansas is experiencing a mini-realignment and it's in part because of the need for real voting and political reform.

Trump is Making Our Families Less Safe

President Donald Trump is not listening to the US intelligence community and is making our families less safe. This opinion piece originally appeared in USA Today.

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