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Daily dispatches of news and commentary from the front lines of the democracy movement. We accept original and cross-posted essays, interviews, video, audio, cartoons and other images from people interested in strengthening democracy so it works for all of us. The views are the author's and do not necessarily reflect the views of Common Cause. Please send submissions to Scott Blaine Swenson, Vice President for Communications, at sswenson@commoncause.org.

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Voting & Elections 08.20.2019

For 2020 candidates, what about democracy?

The first four Democratic presidential debates saw questions on healthcare, taxes, military spending & quite a bit more--but not a single question was asked on our democracy. Several candidates have released bold plans to fix our broken political system, so it's time to tell the DNC: let's debate them.

Voting & Elections 08.7.2019

The Devastating Accuracy of #MoscowMitch and Devastating Inaccuracy of Buck Sexton

Politics is a series of moments that, over time, frame issues and define candidates -- occasionally with such devastating accuracy that the politician targeted is forced to react. Last week, #MoscowMitch blinked. That ensures we'll see the meme everywhere and vulnerable Senators in his caucus must be growing anxious. Unfortunately, conservative talk show host Buck Sexton is devastatingly inaccurate in his assessment of the costs of protecting our democracy from foreign influence.

Voting & Elections 07.29.2019

Is Trump Following Russia’s Lead on Elections?

President Trump has sided with Vladimir Putin over the US intelligence community about Russia's influence on the 2016 election. With police cracking down on public dissent in Moscow and efforts in the US to curtail protest, engineer minority rule, consolidate media ownership and concentrate wealth into fewer and fewer hands, is Russia Trump's model for America's future?

Voting & Elections 07.26.2019

#MoscowMitch: Joe Scarborough Lays Out the Threat to Democracy From Russia and the Senate

We have solutions that can protect our elections. The House has passed a bill. The Senate Intelligence Committee report warns that Russians are attacking us again. #MoscowMitch says nothing, does nothing. And Trump? #Nyet.

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